Why do wool planter fabrics sell well?

2019-08-07 1872

As the climate gradually cooled, wool planter fabrics came to the peak season, there are everywhere on the market. The wool planter fabric is based on various kinds of cloth, on which nylon or viscose velvet is planted. It is made by steaming and washing. The velvet surface is soft and soft, and the color is bright. Its style is popular with customers.


Recently, the latest products in the market are more than 80 kinds of printing, color lattice, wicker and so on. The width of their cloth is usually 1.5 meters. Nowadays, the market prices are very different. The high price can be sold to 18 yuan per meter, and the low price is about 78 meters.

It is not only a fantasy fabric for making winter Miss suits, skirts and children's clothes, but also widely used in the field of home textiles. At present, it is mainly used for sofas, cushions, cushions and other cloth. Made into clothes, not only can resist cold and keep warm, but also add geometric charm. Knitted wool-planting fabrics can also be used to make scarves, which focus on the cold and warm, middle-aged and old women's song enjoyment, although the amount of fabric used is lower than clothing, but the demand is wide, men and women, old and young people enjoy. Following the perfection and renewal of wool planting machine technology, wool planting decorative cloth will have great potential. It is estimated that the weather will turn cooler, and the sale of wool planting fabrics is promising.