Reasons for poor finished products of wool planter

2019-08-07 1190

Top: Simple Bending of Copper Wire

1. Partial Wear and Replacement of Cut Copper Head

2. Wear Replacement of Cutting Copper Knife

3. Improper adjustment of wool planting head and copper cutting knife from scratch

3. Removal and removal of foreign bodies on the contact surface between the hair-planting head and the heart of the hair-planting head

4. Incorrect height adjustment of copper cutting knife

5. The quality of copper wire is poor, such as bending, too wide or too thick to replace new copper wire.

Secondly, the length of the cut copper wire is different.

1. Abrasion of copper wire clamp after ab initio grinding or replacement

2. Wear of Copper Wire Check Use or Replacement of Copper Wire Check Face Change

Thirdly, the point of view of copper wire entering the brush handle during wool planting does not cause the copper wire to be unable to hold the brush or to adjust the copper wire simply.

1. Copper Wire Size Sheet Reference Copper Wire Size Sheet