How to Solve the Problem of Industrial Brush Hair Falling Always

2019-08-07 1881

Brush bristles often fall when toothbrush planter uses industrial brush. There are two main reasons for brush bristles falling. One is the quality of brush itself. The brush bristles fall a lot before users use brush for a long time. The other is that people do not choose the right way to use brush. It causes the brush to fall in a large area. Most people will think that the quality of brush is not good enough to cause a lot of brush hair dropping. This view is wrong. Many of the brush hair dropping is the quality problem of the brush. It is very likely that people did not choose the right way to use the brush.

First of all, people use warm water to soak the brush for a period of time before using the industrial brush. The time is not too long. It can be done in a few minutes. The brush brushes soaked in warm water are very smooth. After soaking, the brush will be taken out. When the brush is fished out of the water, they can wipe the brush with their hands to loosen the brush which is about to fall. All hairs are removed. Avoid a lot of hair loss when using brushes in the future. Secondly, the brush should be cleaned in time after use, otherwise the brush hair will appear hardening phenomenon, hardening brush hair is very uncomfortable to use, and can not reach the role of application, if the brush itself is not stained with oil, the use of warm water cleaning can be.

Finally, the problem of depositing industrial brushes, such as the requirement of the place where the brushes are stored to ensure normal temperature, do not put the brushes under the sun to expose them to the sun, which may lead to the aging of the brushes. It is better for factory enterprises to designate a fixed deposit address for the brushes, so that it is more convenient to find them.