Wool planter keeps rapid growth in China

2019-08-07 642

The use of industry in our country has maintained rapid growth. From 2008 to 2013, the annual sales of industrial wool planters in China increased by 36%. In 2013 alone, 36,560 industrial wool planters, one fifth of the global sales in that year, were sold to China, a 59% increase over 2012, making China the world's largest industrial robot market.

Industrial robots, as the most intuitive and effective form of industrial automation, have been developing continuously since the first industrial wool planter, Unimate, appeared on the American General Motors production line in 1961. In the decades since its inception, it has been mainly used in the field of car production which requires high efficiency, reliability and safety of production line. Industrial robots were mainly used in car industry at the beginning of the 1980s and 1990s in China. Because of the vast majority of occupations, the inexhaustible labor makes it less necessary to introduce robots.

This is the change that the industrial wool planter brings to our country's production. The wool planter enterprises represented by ABB not only continue to help traditional industrial robots such as cars to improve their occupational efficiency, but also play an important role in more and more new occupations such as 3C. It is undoubtedly the only way for China's future production transformation to "liberate" people from the dull production line, and the wool planter is the inexorable substitute.